Master Xuan Lee - Heavenly Gifted

"Plan your life, don't let your life plan you"

​ Eversince as a child, Master Xuan Lee had experienced strange happenings in her life. She is able to sense the pressence of entitites, and she dreamed of events that eventually becomes a reality. It was later known that this special ability runs in her family line and iwas inherited from her parents who also process similar ability.

Master Xuan Lee has since visited different masters and monks. All of them recognized her special abilty and advise her to make good use of her talent. She then begin the study of chinese metaphysics.

She attended her Bazi Advance studies at Singapore Feng Shui Centre and was trained by Grandmaster Vincent Koh. She later met her Mentor, Grandmaster Luo Ma Sheng of Yi Yao School (易爻派) and he coached Xuan Lee personally in I-Ching divination & Bazi. GM Luo also guided her the way to integrate her "Special Sensing Ability" with the Metaphysics skills she has learned, resulting to ground breaking results.