Master Marcel - Accrediated by IFSA

"Maximize your potential using the strength of Feng Shui"

​ Master Marcel started his pursuit for the ancient art of feng shui due to episodes of difficulties in life. His father passed away shortly after his family shifted into their new home. Shortly after, his younger sister was diagnosed with a mysterious illness, which affected her mobility and major operation was required in order to walk again. A year later, Master Marcel's mother was diagnosed with cancer and passed away after losing her battle with the disease. Suspecting something was abnormal with the house, Master Marcel begin his learning journey for Chinese Metaphysics, and vow to investigate the reason for all the tragedies his family has experienced.

Master Marcel build his solid foundation under the coaching of Grandmaster Vincent Koh, the founder of Singapore Feng Shui Centre. He then advance his learning in professional feng shui with Grandmaster Francis Leyau of Classical Feng Shui School.

He later met his mentor, Grandmaster Luo Ma Sheng of Yi Yao School *易爻派". GM Luo trained him personally and imparted him the essence and various techniques of Yi Yao School.

Master Marcel achieved his Master Title endorsement from International Feng Sui Association in 2014.