Feng Shui

Build To Order package

We assist our customers in selection of the most auspcious blocks within the cluster and the most suitable units based on our customer's birth profile.

Building/ block selection

Based on the external surrounding of the whole BTO estate, we look at Feng Shui in the Macro point of view. Using the ancient Feng Shui formula , we are able to indentify the best building/block in the BTO cluster.
After selecting the best block in the cluster, our customer can then focus on choosing the most suitable unit within the block.
We will select mininum 4 auspicious blocks for each cluster.
Remark: Original BTO cluster layout is required.

Prices from $38.00 onwards

Unit selection

Using the provided floor plan of various units within the selected block, we will identify and recommend the most suitable unit to our customers.

Detail report will be submitted to the customers with clear explanations. Customers will be able to understand why the selected unit is rated as auspicious.

A minimum of 2 auspicious units will be selected for each block.
Remark: Original unit's floor plan will be required.

Feng Shui Audit

Feng Shui is the art of living in harmony with nature. Every house affect it's occupants in different ways. Some houses promotes prosperity while others promotes misfortunate events and sickness.

Using the classical Feng Shui formulas, our masters are able detect any auspicious or inauspicious sectors of the house and advise the house owners accordingly.

Feng Shui enhancement will then be introduced by activating the auspcious "accupoint" of the house by using the highest level feng shui technique with an accuracy of 0.9375 degrees.

After each Feng Shui Audit, our clients will receive full audit report with details:

Matching indiviuals with each bedroom.
Indentify any inauspicious sectors with proposed feng shui cure.
Indentifying Wealth sector.
Other (optional)

Yin Zhai Feng Shui (Tomb Feng Shui)

From the ancient feng shui book called Burial Book (葬书), the original text says: “人受体于父母,本骸得气, 遗体受荫 ”. Which means our body comes from our parents and if their (buried) body receives "Qi", their offsprings will prosper.

Strong evidence has shown Feng Shui burials were widely practised by late Emperors in various dynansties. This is to ensure their successor's prosperous future.

If your family members luck has been down over the years or experienced strange unexplained happenings, it could mean that your ancestor's tomb has bad Feng Shui and is affecting the decendants.

Our competent Masters in Yin Zai Feng Shui investigates burial sites and tomb's direction to ensure our client's ancestor receive the best available "Qi"

Call us for quotation.

Shop & Office Feng Shui

Have you ever encounter a shop that keeps changing it's owners? Have you ever come across an office room whereby any employee seats in the room and cannot last long? It might be bad feng shui taking it's ill effect.

Many business owners uses feng shui art to help them in selecting a good location for their shop that can capture the auspicious "Qi". A shop with good "Qi" can help to attract customers and boost business.

Office Feng Shui works by matching the correct department or person to their job related sector. For example, the R&D department will have to be situated at the academic sector. And we have to locate the Sales Department or Sales Manager to the wealth sector of the office.

Imagine what will happen to the business if the Sales Manager is seated at the sickness or misfortune sector.

Prices for shop & office feng shui package from $998 onwards.