The purpose of divination is to forecast upcoming events that may effect us in our lives. Similiar to weather's forecast, should there be imminent rain or storm, we can anticipate and change our plan accrodingly. And if the plan cannot be changed, we can at least bring an umbrella along to shield ourself from the rain and prevent ourself from getting drench.

Poker Card Divination

Developed by our late Grand Master Ye Jia Zhen, the poker card divination (十二月辟卦牌)is based on the 4 seasons, 12 months and I-Ching 64 hexagram's concept. It is widely used to predict a person's monthly luck within the year.

It can forecast many common topics such as the best month to change a job, possible health issues, wealth luck and romance luck. The comprehensive divination will give you an idea of the possible future, so that you can take full advantage of the auspicious timing and do the right thing at the right time.

  • Monthly prediction.
  • Recommended to be done yearly.
  • Comprehensive eg. career, romance, wealth... etc.

  • Price from $20.00 onwards.

    King Zhou's I-Ching Hexagram Divination

    Ancient divination art invented by King Zhou Wen (周文王) from the Zhou Dynasty (1122 BC). Using 3 copper coins to errect the hexagram and interpret it's meaning based on "Zhou Yi" (周易) aka I-Ching (易经).

    Today, this type of divination is commonly known as Bu Gua (卜卦),which means casting a hexagram. Bu Gua divination is topic specific, meaning we forecast on specific event requested by the customer.

  • Focus on specific subject (e.g Should I take up the job opportunity?).
  • Almost all types of subjects can be used for prediction.
  • Divination can be done via Email and a forecast report will be submitted.

  • Price from $50.00 onwards