Flower Romance

One may not have a good appearance, but is able to attract the attention of opposite sex. This can be explained by having a strong Flower Romance Star(桃花星) in his or her Bazi (八字). Everyone has their personal Flower Romance Star. Eg. Those born in the year of "Rabbit", their romance star will be "Rat". A person with weak or missing Romance Star in their Bazi will soon realize that they have little or no affinity with the opposite sex.

Upon identifying your personal Romance Star from your Bazi, we can "activate" your personal Romance Star by placing our "UV Romance Vase" on the Romance Star"s accupoint of your bedroom. More information will be reveal during the Feng Shui setup by our Master.

Who should activiate their flower romance star?

  • Singles in search of romance.
  • Sales person eg. Property agent, insurance agent etc...
  • Artist in the entertainment industry eg. Actor, actress etc...

  • Package include:

  • 1 UV Romance Vase & 1 UV Torch Light.
  • 1 Auspicious Date for activation.
  • 1 visit to your home by our Master.

  • Price from $398.00

    4 Pillars of Destiny

    孔子曰 "不知命, 无以为君子也". Confucius: " If you do not know your destiny, you are not considered as a great man".

    4 Pillars of Destiny life chart (八字命盘) reveals a person's character, strength and weakness. Only when you know yourself, you will then know your directions and objectives in life.

    The 10 years luck cycle chart (十年大运), reveals a person's most auspicious timing in life. If you know that luck is with you, it is the moment you strike. When you know that luck is not on your side, you should retreat to avoid losses.

    Knowing when your auspicious luck arrives in life is crucial in making important decisions because once the auspicious luck is gone, it will come back.

  • Know your potential. Eg. Do I have the potential to do business?
  • Know your luck cycle. Eg. When will my auspcicious luck arrive?

  • Prices from $50 onwards.