Date Selection

Auspicious Date Selection

Our ancestors see Auspicious Time as a crucial factor. They believed that having an auspicious date and time to begin an event, will ensure smooth sailing.

A chosen auspicious date must match with your birth data. The auspicious date cannot be use if it clashes with you.

Our Masters use the Xuan Kong Da Gua (玄空大卦) date selection formula to select auspicious date for our clients. Xuan Kong Da Gua date selection is one of the highest level date selection art used by professional masters. It requires matching of the selected auspicious date with the birth data of our client or the building's sitting and facing direction.

Select an auspicious date for the following purpose:

  • Wedding date
  • New house move in date
  • Office opening ceremony
  • Altar setup
  • Ground breaking
  • Important events

  • Prices from $188.00

    Cesarean Date & Time Selection

    Choosing a cesarean date & time for the delivery means pre-setting the baby's destiny.

    When a child is born, his destiny & fortune borns with him. Converting D.O.B to the 4 pilliars destiny chart (八字命盘), a person's fortune will be revealed. Cesarean allows us to choose the best set of birthday and time near to the baby's estimated delivery date.

    A child born with a good set of birth chart will give him a good head start and advantage in life.

    Client have to provide information such as gender and estimated cesarean date. We will then plot the destiny charts within the possible cesarean dates, and select the best hour within the dates.

    Price from $1888 onwards